Safety Film (Smash & Grab) (3 Year Warranty)


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Product Overview:

With fitment centers nationally, Street Smart handles the scheduling, fitment & payment of your Smash & Grab Safety Film fitment. All of our suppliers are held to a standardized pricing model (to ensure that you receive a fair deal) as well as to ensure that quality is offered both in service and in the materials used

Product Features:

  • Safety film acts as a barrier between shattered glass and the occupants of your vehicle, not only in the event of a Smash & Grab robbery, but also in the event of an accident
  • Smash & Grab Film acts as a barrier between yourself and a potential Smash & Grabber, by providing your windows with a strong, adhesive material that prevents shattering and reduces the chance of breakage to the glass
  • Safety Film offers 99% reduction in harmful UV rays, protecting both you and the integrity of the inside of your vehicle
  • Safety Film can be applied with multiple shades (tints), however the main four options to note are; 0% (Transparent), 20% (Dark), 25% (Standard shade) & 50% (Light shade)


This product holds a three year (3 year) warranty against any manufacturer and/ or fitment fault, such as; bubbling, cracking, fading, etc. (T&C’s Apply)

Smash and Grab

100 Micron – Small Vehicle – R1 650.00, 100 Micron – Medium Vehicle – R2 100.00, 100 Micron – Large Vehicle – R2 450.00, 100 Micron – X-Large Vehicle – R2 760.00, 100 Micron – Canopies – R1 300.00, 150 Micron – Small Vehicle – R3 500.00, 150 Micron – Medium Vehicle – R3 900.00, 150 Micron – Large Vehicle – R4 200.00, 150 Micron – X-Large Vehicle – R4 950.00, 150 Micron – Canopies – R2 850.00


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